Steve Heisler

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"Every single child wants to be successful. The problem is, if they can't be successful at being successful, they'll be successful at screwing up. Our job as educators is to change the latter to the former."    

- from the The Missing Link by Steve Heisler

Loco Parentis

I have been an educator for over 25 years and am the author of The Missing Link: Teaching and Learning Critical Success Skills. 

I wrote this book in part because my experiences in schools showed me that school personnel have totally misunderstood the concept of Loco Parentis as a license to discipline, and to sometimes discipline harshly. 

In fact what Loco Parentis offers educators is the opportunity and the responsibility to act in a parental way which ought to be not just disciplining kids but rather lovingly, and persistently, teaching and training kids to discpine themselves. 

While this absolutely requires parents and educators to enforce consequences, it also involves second chances, third chances and even four thousand more chances. Our children need to feel at the end of the school day, or at the end of the actual day, that they are still decent human beings and there is hope for a better day tomorrow.

Educators and parents of all colors and ethnicities need to learn this first before they can be effectively teach anything else.