Steve Heisler

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"Every single child wants to be successful. The problem is, if they can't be successful at being successful, they'll be successful at screwing up. Our job as educators is to change the latter to the former."    

- from the The Missing Link by Steve Heisler

The Secret Code to Student Improvement is No Secret

My just published book, The Missing Link: Teaching and Learning Critical Success Skills, attempts to examine the problem of why students do not succeed. One reason is apparent in how teachers, schools and parents teach success skills. Many interactions around issues of fostering student success can be encapsulated in this burlesque exchange:

Hey, Pal, how do you get to City Hall?"
"Well Pal, usually I just get in my car and drive there." 

Telling someone to 'make better decisions,' a phrase I have often overheard in schools, does not necessarily help students make better decisions. There is a vast gulf between wanting to do better and being able to do better!

The Missing Link develops simple actions for all people who care about student success to engage in constant facilitative interactions that helps students figure out what they need to do in order to improve. Experiencing success driven by personal action, even when guided, allows students to be the heroes of their own success stories and, as most readers know, the hero always wins!

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